Communications have fallen short in bringing public awareness to the full scope of the issues facing The World Around Us. The show will bring information, solutions and resources for the audience hopefully creating a change in The World Around Us one person at a time.

The World Around Us is is Hosted by Beatrice Caraballo. It is filmed on location within the Tri-State Delaware Valley. The Show is pre-recorded and aired via all social media (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope and Twitter) on a weekly basis. The Show is also streamed lived to WBNC Break-N-Chainz Radio 91.3 in Pennsylvania.

The World Around Us features guests in social, political, in the arts and sciences or in some other profession of significance to enrich our communities. Topics of racism/hatred, depression, human trafficking, Cuba, domestic violence, sexual education, culture, fashion, leaders, drug abuse, financial stability, leaving a legacy and so much more.

The World Around Us has an amazing professional team which includes Crystal Caraballo, Social Marketing; David Melendez, Music Director; Barbara Hall-Bryant, Stage Designer; Crystal Lewis, Hair Stylist; Ginger Ormond-Jones, Makeup Artist; Michelle Lofland-Wilson, Glamatologist; Marlene Crosby, Wardrobe Designer, Daishaneen Wallace, Wardrobe Designer and Jermaine Pratt, Shoe Designer.

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