The TWIST development team have been busy working on our next, highly anticipated, feature — data storage on the blockchain. In simple terms, TWIST DATA will enable users to store small amounts of information (things like passwords, contact information, text files, a list of private keys, etc.) on the TWIST blockchain.

But why store information on a blockchain?

The internet is undergoing a fundamental shift away from centralised services and towards decentralised open ones. With a centralised information storage services such as pastebin, the user’s data is always at the mercy of the service provider — information is stored in a database, and if one day the…

Our first release version of the Toolbox is available for download now:

Currently only Windows is supported for reasons detailed in the last section of this article.

Toolbox features available in this release:

  • Register a TWIST ID to a TWIST address
  • Send a transaction to a TWIST ID
  • Send a TWIST ID transaction (with an optional encrypted message)
  • View your sent/received TWIST ID transactions
TWIST Toolbox

How TWIST ID works

We will be providing a more in-depth explanation of TWIST ID in our whitepaper. However, for the time being, here is a brief explanation:

A TWIST ID is a unique username which can be assigned to a TWIST address to make…

TWIST Toolbox development is going well and we’re on target to release the first version of the TWIST Toolbox (which will include the TWIST ID feature) at the end of this month. After the release we’ll be starting development on the TWIST DATA feature - a way of writing encrypted data to the TWIST blockchain.

Why would you want to store data on a blockchain?

The internet is undergoing a fundamental shift away from centralised services and towards decentralised open ones. The popularity and hype surrounding blockchain technology is well deserved, with the success of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain networks proving the utility and value of decentralised, distributed ledgers…

TWIST will be running a Twitter bounty campaign for 3 weeks starting on Monday 26th February at 6pm GMT! (End date: 19th March at 6pm GMT)

If you follow the rules you will receive a number of shares at the end of each week. We will be paying out a total of 500k TWIST (5% of bounty supply) at the end of the campaign which will be distributed based on how many shares you own.

To take part in the Twitter bounty campaign:

  1. You must have a public Twitter account with at least 200 followers
  2. You must have a score of at least 80%.
  3. You need to…

It’s been almost 2 weeks since TWIST first made its debut on bitcointalk and we’re off to a wonderful start securing an official listing on!

Getting listed on an exchange is a milestone for us and we’ve now completed all of our goals for the first leg of Q1 2018.

TWIST 2018 roadmap

So what’s next?

TWIST Toolbox development is in full swing. We’re developing in a private repository for the time being until we are ready for a public release. In the meantime we’ve set up a GitHub bot in our discord channel to make a post whenever we push to the repository. This…

TWIST is a platform and ecosystem that will revolutionise the usability and accessibility of the blockchain.

On February 07 2018, we announced the new crypto-currency TWIST on the bitcointalk forum. We advertised an airdrop, offering the opportunity for bitcointalk members with an activity score higher than 15 to register and receive free TWIST coins. One week later the airdrop registrations were closed and we announced the news that a staggering 1938 accounts had signed up to receive coins. Not bad for a week. The following day, 85% of the supply was equally distributed among all the registrants of the airdrop, ensuring a fair and equal allocation of coins. The remaining 15% of the supply was reserved…


The official account for the TWIST cryptocurrency.

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