We keep talking about diversity. We should be talking about bias.
Trevor Goss

I think you’ve done a good job of articulating that diversity, or lack thereof, is much less the problem and much more the inevitable outcome of us being human. The fact that bias is largely unconscious is what makes it so difficult to acknowledge and address as the real problem.

At first blush, your solutions may seem radical but I would encourage any employer to do some simple A/B testing around the inclusion of names, skill sets or degrees, to identify the biases you may be unknowingly blind to, no matter how much one may care about diversity.

The change in demographics, including gender or ethnic mix, in candidate pools that can occur by simply emphasizing different skillsets, altering a role’s descriptive language or removing names from resumes can be astounding and a great catalyst for change to internal conventional wisdom in my professional experience.

I look forward to trying out your Tryouts approach!