Finish ‘em!

A challenge I face routinely. I start a project, a task, a plan of action and then get lost somewhere in between. And what remains is an unfinished thing. Just a thing. Not a project, task or action plan. The fact that it hasn’t been finished diminishes its overall value and raison d’etre to a mere inconsequential thing that never got done.

The possible(and I’m still not sure) resolution — to make finishing a habit. And so I am starting fewer tasks and finishing them with a single-minded focus. At the beginning of this year, I had set a goal to read 15 books during the year after the colossal failure of my last year’s #52weeks52books resolution. The progress hasn’t been much this year either. I think I just about finished 3 (or maybe 2.. I’m too embarrassed to go check on Good Reads. Plus imagine the gap if I don’t even remember the name of the book I read last). I also started reading a few books and left them mid-way because I lost the context when I picked them up again after a long gap.

So now, as one of the tasks of ‘The Finishing Project’, I picked up a brand new book again. Not recklessly. But with the singular agenda of finishing it. I started on Saturday, 5 days in and I’m done with almost half of it. OK, agreed I consciously picked a manageable size. But more importantly, I’m enjoying the process a lot more because of the consistency in reading every single time I have the slightest free time in hand. I also created an environment to enable it — I invested in a kindle version of the book apart from the physical copy. I have the kindle cloud reader open on my browser at all times (apart from having the app on my phone) so that in the slightest free time that I have, I don’t idle-browse but instead read more of what I have already started.

It’s going good so far, however, its just the start. I hope ‘The Finishing Project’ sees the completion of a lot more mini tasks and projects till it becomes a way of life.

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