Concrete computer

Do you want this to end? Do you want plastic, haptic world to end? Do you want to watch ink melt through paper? A typewriter’s arm beat the page?

Nobody sends letters anymore, except companies offering loans at 994% interest.

That art may come again.

We have deluded ourselves with false confidence. Ee believe Moore’s law is progressive. One technology gives way to another.

The change is progress. If there has been no change there has been no progress.

Where do you stand on your annual appraisal? Are you looking to the future? Have you completed our quiz on stronger relationships? May we upgrade that for you? Any croissants or pastries with your coffee?

Faster is better. Faster is stronger.

What if it all stopped? An idle hack at the right power stations. An idle hack at an idle data centre. Could you tell if the Internet’s heart stopped beating?

“The Government do not know who is responsible,” say the television journalists — or they would do, if the channels were working.

Where did I leave my biro? I need to write a note. How do I form those words? On my computer it was all so easy. My hate glided on electrons across the world.

And now the computers are under concrete. A million quills scratch a million parchments.

It was not the end. It was beginning in a new way.

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