Wow. You just indicted the entire Beat Generation.
William O. Pate II

I resent your passive aggressive “Wow”.

And I’m surprised that someone in Texas is passive aggressive. Shouldn’t you be threatening to burn down my barn and horsewhip me or something? I’m disappointed.

Well, you work in marketing, so I suppose you’re not a real man. It must be tough being bullied by all those cowboys and oil roustabouts.

What useless shit do you spend your day peddling, anyway?

I like making sweeping statements, but if I wanted to indict the Beat Generation and the Lost Generation I would do so directly. Maybe I have indicted them, as you say — I don’t know.

Among the Beats, Kerouac had quasi-fascist, Bircher tedencies. In his later years he railed against ‘the Jews’, and he was always a hardline Catholic mystic. He would have found sympathy with the Falange and Franco, I think.

In the ‘Lost Generation’, well, Céline had fascist sympathies — but was he in the ‘Lost Generation’? Buggered if I know, and I can’t be bothered to Google.

He was in the right age range, but he wasn’t Yankee. Maybe being lost was an American thing.

I don’t know what I’m arguing really, and I don’t know who the ‘working people’ are when they’re at home. I resent you for telling me what my argument is though.

‘Working people’ sounds like sentimental bullshit to me — the kind of sentimental bullshit written by socialist realist novelists.

I see Bukowski as a lumpen prole, a drifter, an intellectual, a misfit, a whiner, a down-at-heel adventurer, a resentful, and angry man — the classic type who ends up in fascist movements.

Only privileged intellectuals like Steinbeck write sentimental paeans to the ‘working people’.

I’ll consider a wager on whether or not alt-rightists have heard of Bukowski.

How much are you putting up?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t being literal in what I wrote, whether or not any alt-rightist has heard of Bukowski is irrelvant. He encapsulates their life-world whether they’ve heard of him or not.

You may have noticed that I’m an arrogant, inconsistent arsehole. But at least I’m not called William O. Pate II — pretentious, or what?

It’s almost as pretentious as having the username ‘TX Hart’ when ‘X’ isn’t your real middle name.

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