September 11, 2019: T-Labs to Launch the XRide Decentralized eMobility Pilot

Aug 27 · 2 min read
The XRide Blockchain Scooter

We are delighted to announce the launch date of the one-of-its-kind blockchain emobility solution the XRide. In essence it is an ecosystem that uses blockchains to ease the user experience greatly, while also protecting the private data of the users such as identity, credit card information and similar information which are collected by the current solution.

The Xride launch event will take place September 11, 2019, so block the date. It’s a walk in event open for everyone and will take place at Deutsche Telekom’s assembly area at Landgrabenweg 151, Bonn. Arrive and check-out the decentralized mobility solution that our blockchain team and partners have built. Come and say 👋 to the team: John Calian, Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk, Julia Isabell Neumann, Alexander Manecke, Dirk Thatmann, Marlene Gerneth, Daniela Schwaiger, Marion Gärtner, Igor Minin, Elena Sidorova.

Agenda of the Day.

Want to know more about our speakers for the day? Here’s more detail:

Speaker bios for XRIDE


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Event announcements of Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs)

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