I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

This essay is such garbage. It is amazing to me how people in privileged spaces will fucking barge into someone else’s oppression and demand to be catered to and coddled. Like, seriously? Seriously? Is recognizing trans women as women really hurting you? Is it taking something away from you? Does it somehow diminish your struggle in this world?

The only people who should discuss trans issues are trans people. Cis people do not know their journey and our space is to support when asked. Writing an essay complaining that trans women share your space is completely shitty and really just shows how selfish and intolerant you are. Sitting here and demanding ally cookies for pretending not to discriminate, when that’s all your essay does, is equally shitty. I’m angry that so many high profile people are sharing it because it truly doesn’t deserve the attention it’s getting. And I say this as a writer who catches shit for many of the things she writes.

You have a lot of growing to do. Hopefully that growth will successfully pull your head out of your own ass because this was not the way to have this discussion.

Sadly, what will most likely happen is you will stand your ground, learn nothing, and continue spouting this nonsense with an even larger platform. You will continue painting yourself as a victim of trans women (which you aren’t) and contribute to the dangerous environment they currently navigate. Don’t congratulate yourself for speaking your mind; this was a villainous move.

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