From Teacher Trainings to Teachers and Students Testing the Tablab in el Paraiso, Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

Teacher Training Session in el Paraiso

After a few intensive teacher training sessions and 2 weeks of weekly coaching, the teachers in el Paraiso are finally starting to take the leap and incorporate the Tablab into their lessons, to the students delight!

Jennifer Klein leading a teacher training session in el Paraiso.

Liceo el Paraiso is a small rural high school surrounded by pineapple farms, in Sarapiqui Costa Rica. Access to technology at the school has been very limited, so much so that textbooks are even scarce!

The Tablab aims to fill that void in access to quality educational resources.

Through the TabLab, the students all of a sudden have a video camera, movie and book creating technology, access to museums and cities of the world, a private language tutor, and real world math practice, and much more, all in one device!

Liceo el Paraiso now has a Tablab consisting of 20 ipad mini’s, donated by World Leadership Foundation. My job (as the Tablab Teacher Trainer) is to try and help the teachers make the best use of the Tablab in their lessons and find ways to make the lab more and more available to the students, outside of class time.

The Principal of the high school, Henry Vazquez was immediately on board with the lab and has been quick to see its many functions and ways to implement it into everyday teaching practices at the school to the benefit of the students. He is a great motivator and support to his teachers.

Teacher Gerald, sharing the excitement for the Tablab with his students.

One of the leading cutting edge teachers at the school, Gerald, created a lesson plan which required the students to access a blog, find specific media resources, created their own media resources, share with one another on an on-line platform, and then answer a quiz, all in order to learn about Road safety in Costa Rica!

In the English Department, the students are using the technology to track their own progress and retention, as well as a quick thesaurus and dictionary in class and they are working on a book to share with students from Canada who sent them each a Canadian legend (in English). They are determined to send their legends back to Canada in English as well as Spanish.

Even the Math department has had their turn at using the ipads to access the Khan Academy math resources in Spanish available on the Rachel server.

The challenge for the next month is to figure out an easy way for the teachers to figure out who gets to use the lab and when, since a few issues of access have come up. The Principal is also very interested in having the lab available to students during their off periods, something that needs to be figured out in terms of staffing and space.

Pura Vida from el Paraisio, Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

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