During July four students from United States were participants of our program to help in the costarican community of El Paraiso.

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During almost 3 weeks these great young were working in three projects about

  • Creating of webpage for Liceo El Paraíso. (high school)
    * Creating a local tourism guide.
    * Teaching local parents about how to create their own e-mail and facebook.

2020 and Beyond: Learning has no boundary …

This guest blog post is written by Indranil Das, a rising executive with Ericsson. Indranil participated in a leadership development program alongside Zach Mbasu, TabLab’s Tanzania teacher trainer. This program, called Ericsson Global Perspectives, was facilitated by a team that included Ross Wehner, TabLab Founder.

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Few months back, on a bright sunny afternoon I was waiting for my ‘homestay’ host to arrive and pick me up from a school compound in Tanzania. We were there for a global training program and ‘homestay’ was a part of our immersive learning experience — moving us out of our comfort zone, understanding new culture and country. …

It has begun the process to elect two new schools for the TabLab program in Costa Rica.
TabLab has managed meetings with officials in MEP (Costa Rican Ministry of Education) to select two new schools in the program.

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High School (Liceo Rural Pangola)

Schools must meet certain requirements to receive TabLab:

- Dynamic teachers.
- Administrator leader.
- Cooperating Community.

Students sharing expiriences, Canadá and Costa Rica

Students of Liceo Paradise in Costa Rica this week received many books of mythology, created by students from Appleby College in Ontario, Canada. It has been an amazing experience for them to read the stories of their young friends in North America.

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TabLab proposes the global learning as a tool to develop leadership and experience-sharing networks.

TabLab partners with G. Arusha secondary school, Tanzania

For the past years, G. Arusha secondary school in the outskirts of Karatu has been addressing the poor boys and girls from this rural but beautiful area. All the students who go through the school come from the vast villages around the school and although very bright, they had a slim chance of making it in life. Despite the school not having essentials like a library and teachers, G. Arusha secondary school has opened gates for many of these students.

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Starting January 2016, TabLab is now partnering with the school to help transform teaching and learning at the institution. The 40 tablets provided to the school have rich educational apps, Rachel content and thousands of books including the digitized curriculum content tailored towards the Tanzanian syllabus. The school lacks a library where students can access and borrow books for reading and doing their assignments. This means that they only depend on teachers dictated notes as reading and revision resources. Teachers and students have access to numerous educational apps, books and resources available on the TabLab. For the whole of February the TabLab teacher trainer has been working with the school management, teachers and students training and couching them on how to meaningfully the TabLab equipment. …

Today we are beginning to work again in Liceo el Paraiso in Costa Rica for the new school year. At our first meeting , we planned and discussed our goals for 2016 and growth of the program in Sarapiqui.

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Today’s work was also about giving a first view of the program for the new English teacher at el Paraiso Roger.

We are glad and excited about all the new ideas and current objetives as we move ahead this 2016!

TabLab gives a spark of hope to Tanzanian learners!

Many Tanzania learners living in rural remote areas face enormous challenges as they struggle to equip themselves with education. Often they are unable to access basic things like books, teachers, school uniform and they cannot even imagine services like electricity and internet connectivity. This sad reality prompted the development of TabLab to help transform education in these rural schools through technology and long-term professional development support for teachers and schools.

The TabLab is a portable tablet lab that includes rugged tablets that can easily move from class to class in a rugged humidity-proof box with locks and wheels. The tablets wirelessly access a huge library of of offline content that include the whole Khan Academy videos, Offline Wikipedia, thousands of textbooks and many other teaching resources. The tablets are also loaded with numerous educational apps like Geogebra which operate offline. The TabLab is an innovative school transformational program that combines the power of technology, teacher training and long-term school support. …

TabLab Education: Observations among teachers and students

The use of educational resources on tablets and associated educational apps in learning various subjects at Banjika secondary schools has increased rapidly over the last seven months, affecting teaching and learning in an insightful way. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that changing traditional teaching methods is a long and complicated process that requires new ways of looking at the relationship between a teacher and student, and at human and technology interaction which is what TabLab education is all about.

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Banjika secondary teachers using Racchel resources available on Tablets to prepare for lessons in various subjects

Even though teachers use technologies quite frequently for personal purposes, at the beginning the teachers were uncertain about whether their skills in using new technologies — Tablets in teaching were sufficient. The students were more positive towards using new technologies in their own learning while the teachers played a central role in sustaining the use of tablets. Since teachers are key persons in implementing new practices in schools they needed support which we have provided throughout the whole year. One key lesson for me has been that teachers attitudes and acceptance of the technology are central to their preparedness for using the technology in their teaching. The teachers need more support as well as closer collaboration with students who learn the technology faster than them. …

El Paraiso High School and la Lucha Elementary school participated in the project festival «Digital technologies at the core of educational innovation and community transformation».The festival was executed by the Department of Education Technology Resources in the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) Costa Rica.

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Students, teachers and principals of academic institutions from different parts of the country came together to share their experiences and promote innovation in teaching and learning.

El Paraiso High school presented the project: “Strengthining Improvement in Mathematics through Mobile Technologies”. …

The key aspect tool for the TabLab use in teaching is what I would call “The cycle of plan — teach — reflect”. What this means is that in the use of the resources available on the tablets for teacher professional growth, progress is made by planning an activity. This is followed by the activity or using the activity bearing in mind the learning objective in the classroom, and then the teachers reflect on how the activity went on their own, with a colleague, or in a group.

The teachers are always planning activities in pairs. These two teachers observe what the other is doing with their class. They then give constructive feedback to one another identifying what the other teacher has done well, what needs to be done to improve the lesson and how to do it. …


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TabLab provides tablet technology + teacher trainers to transform the world’s rural schools. Visit www.tablabeducation.org for more info

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