Realize, brothers and sisters, that binding is a polarity that universal energy ties to both.
Gwendolyn Holden Barry

Thank you for your input, Gwendolyn; it’s very helpful for new practitioners like myself to hear acknowledgement of necessary caution... My participation in this will be my first “educated” spell, and I’m approaching with all my passion but hopefully also my defences engaged.

I wanted to add my thoughts to the latter part of your message. Firstly: I agree. To expand… The Age of Aquarius is upon us, isn’t it? I see this as a chance (one of several) to usher it in to its full potential.

Along with this man we aim to combat… There is the global discussion around earth-destroying pipelines on stolen land in Canada and the US, discussion around the preservation of water and the cessation of ignorant xenophobia — Aquarius-defining concepts, water and the carrying of knowledge. The new solar system with “potentially habitable planets” discovered by NASA this week is in the Aquarius constellation… certainly, I’m aware these are true examples of coincidence and confirmation bias, but that doesn’t have to stop them from also being a beautiful sign of the new frontiers of life and water-based, plant-based existence we are stretching to reach. And that is how I see them.

Blessings to all those bravely working together tonight.

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