Japan Muslim Holiday — Facilities Available For Muslim Travelers

Undeniably, Japan is one of the hot destinations of Muslims, offering lots of facilities for such travelers aiming to make their trip memorable and completely enjoyable.

This article is going to talk about such facilities and enhances your experience of Japan Muslim holiday.

Easy availability of halal food

At present, there are only a limited number of halal food producers in the country and only a few of halal restaurants as it is difficult for such restaurants to survive without serving alcohol. There are many restaurants that generally label themselves as halal or Muslim Friendly and also provide a complete halal menu in addition to their regular menu.

There are many non-Japanese restaurants offering varieties of food items from different countries such as India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iranian, Moroccan, Turkish, Pakistani and many more.

Masjid and Prayer Hall

In order to satisfy the needs of many Muslim visitors and also residents alike, prayer rooms with arrows actually pointing towards Mecca has been definitely added to a completely handful public facilities that include some major airports and also various Muslim friendly locations.

Besides, the prayer rugs, Quran and also timetables may also be available upon request. Masjid can certainly be found in various major cities for those people who wish to visit one on their trip.

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