Why should you use social media?

Social media is the place to be for every C2C businesses and especially for restaurants. Today, more than 700 million people have a Facebook account and, be sure of that, all of them are interested in food since it’s a natural need.

That’s why it could be interesting for you to learn how to use effectively social media for your restaurant.

On Instagram, there are more than 100 million #food post, 8 million # foodporn and 3 million #foodie. These figures show that FOOD is among the top of what people are looking at on Instagram.

Social media represent a…

What is the stake by putting photos of your food on the Internet?

When you put pictures of your food on the Internet, people see only the pictures, they don’t see the food in itself. So how would they judge the savour of your food? They will decide if your food is good or not only by the quality of your pictures. That is why big brands in the catering sector use great pictures to attract people in their restaurant.

Good pictures make people hungry, it makes them stay longer on the website they are visiting and so, it can increase the conversion rate of restaurant owners if they have a website!

How to take great pictures?

Take a good camera

As you should know, the experience in a restaurant is not only food. Actually, food is 50% of the experience in a restaurant and the atmosphere is the other big part of it. But what is experience in a restaurant? It’s the place, the décor, the waiting staff and … the music. The last element, music, is the main part of the atmosphere of a restaurant.
Thanks to science, we have discovered that in fact, music changes completely our experience in a restaurant and that is the subject of this article.

Music makes us eat in a different way

A lot of factors influence the way we eat…

This article aims to explain what is behind the magical rise of some restaurants into a great restaurant chain business while more than a third of new restaurants die before one year of existence.

It begins with a first good restaurant

Every restaurant chains begins with a business plan for the first restaurant. It is the first step to build something solid. Elaborating a business plan, push yourself to imagine the future, to think about the specificity of your future restaurant and the financial objectives.

What is in a business plan for a restaurant?

- 1) A specific market. Focus on a market in order to know…

A lot of restaurant owners wonder why their restaurants should have a website. “My customers are from my neighbourhood, why should I have a website?” or “My restaurant is already full of clients, why should I invest in a website?”

In this short article, we explain to you what’s going on Internet related to you, restaurant owner. Bring answers to those questions so as to warn you about the stake of the creation of a website for your restaurant.

The Internet is the main source of information of people

Nowadays, the Internet has never been so present than ever in…

Beaucoup d’entre vous se demandent pour quelles raisons votre restaurant aurait besoin d’un site web. Ma clientèle est de mon quartier, quel intérêt d’avoir un site web ? Mon restaurant est déjà plein, pourquoi investir dans un site web ?

Dans ce court article, des réponses vous sont apportées afin de vous éclairer sur les enjeux de la création d’un site web pour votre restaurant.

Internet est la référence des français

Aujourd’hui, internet est plus présent que jamais dans la vie des français : 86% des français se déclarent « internautes » et ce chiffre augmentera encore significativement dans les années à venir.

D’autres chiffres vous…


Faites décoller la visibilité de votre restaurant ! 🚀

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