Restaurant owners, don’t miss the revolution of the Internet

A lot of restaurant owners wonder why their restaurants should have a website. “My customers are from my neighbourhood, why should I have a website?” or “My restaurant is already full of clients, why should I invest in a website?”

In this short article, we explain to you what’s going on Internet related to you, restaurant owner. Bring answers to those questions so as to warn you about the stake of the creation of a website for your restaurant.

The Internet is the main source of information of people

Nowadays, the Internet has never been so present than ever in the life of Americans: 90% of American people declare themselves as web users and this figure will continue to increase during next year.

Other figures are directed related to you, restaurant owner:

55 % of American people try to get some informations about the restaurant and other proximity business and 51% find that information on Internet.

By creating your website, you anticipate on the future of your market

Indeed, more than half of people in the USA refer to the Internet to get informed about the restaurants in their neighbourhoods and 51% find those informations thanks to the Internet. Those people were mostly born between 1980 and 2000. So, they are your current clients but also your future clients! By creating a website, you say “welcome” to this generation tired of MacDonald and other fast food and looking for authenticity and real taste.

Nevertheless, creating a website is not enough, it has to generate clients and contribute in a positive way to your restaurant reputation!

Alexandre from TableMi