Catt Small, UX designer and Front-End web developer, has worked for companies of all sizes. She is currently organizing events for Tech Under Thirty, teaching game development among other things.

Technology has to be used by humans to improve society. We are problem solvers, we need to interact with technology to solve the problems that impact us. We also have to change the way we think to be efficient. Technology makes us think we can do anything, leads to ego inflation but it’s wrong. Technology helps but doesn’t work alone. It’s a privilege, not everyone has access to technology so we have to think about it when we build solutions. Instead of thinking about technology that, in a way, changes the world, we should perhaps think of it as something that helps people by improving their experience. It can’t solve all our problems, but it can help to make the process faster, if well done. Let’s create a project in which the methodology efficiently solves problems and can apply to everything we work on. So, what’s the methodology ? It can be divided in four parts. First you have to do research. Then decide on the goals, create the prototyping and test it. To keep building you need to keep in mind the users’ feedback and apply them to your work.

In conclusion, technology is a privilege, it can help, but it can’t solve problems by itself, if a problem isn’t solved well, it can have negative effects.

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