The Start of Tacklebox

A social experiment in aid, anonymity, and dialogue


Tacklebox is an app lets users submit “bait” (last text, user’s motive, context) to which other users submit feedback and responses. In order to receive responses to their own prompt, users will also have to give quality answers to other users’ questions.

Users can also passively use the app by browsing live feed of baits and provide responses to stack up points to use later for their own bait. After a user decides she has enough answers to a bait, she can close the prompt and choose the best answer.


WhatsApp recently hit 500M active users. 757M people use Facebook every day. And those figures keep climbing. WeChat is at 400M active users. That’s a lot — a lot of people coming online, a lot of people meeting online, a lot of people talking online.

Dialogue is a deep and core part of being human, but communication is never easy. Offline, you have friends who can help. Online, there’s no support network.

Everyone should be comfortable and confident in talking. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. We’re trying to change that.

In Tacklebox, we can make people laugh, we can bring people together, we can build honest and genuine relationships on a large scale. Laugh all you want, but there is very real and tangible value in a product that can add an element of humanity into technology.


Location Settings
Allowing the option for users to limit their feed and responses to come from an X-mile radius allows for users to receive and contribute responses that are culturally and linguistically relevant.
The ability to “explore” other the feeds of other locations would also be an interesting feature for passive browsing.

Friend Help Friends (Not Anonymous)
As great as anonymous help from others may be, the best help comes from friends. There’s no way around that, and we accept it as a fault of Tacklebox.
That is, for now. Eventually feeds of baits from trusted friends are easy to implement once the critical mass of users reach the point in which most users have at least 10 friends on the app, or we find a way to seamlessly integrate SMS into the user experience.
This will exist simultaneously (and intuitively) with the main feed of Tacklebox, which will always be anonymous. This allows for users to seek help from both trusted friends as well as others in more sensitive situations.

This feature can be seen as an improvement or a step backwards in community management, and will be carefully considered in conjunction with the current plans for voting to act as curation for quality.

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