Pokemon for switch rumors pop up! Sea of Thieves private lobbies temporarily disabled, All rubber ducky locations in Fortnite! Twitch enables filtering of PUBG games based on players left alive, and Borderlands publisher delays one of their “big games” until 2020. What’s up, Gamers!? Hope you’re having a Thoughtful Thursday! It’s Mark Emery AKA TacoRemix, and here’s What You Missed Yesterday In Gaming News:

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Switch Pokemon games outed — Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee

Hey Pokemon fans! A leak has been outed for the upcoming Pokemon games for nintendo switch! Now remember how we feel about leaks, it all can change, but i’m going to say screw that, everything here is 100% going to happen! I bet you all $100. Don’t @ me.

The games are going to be called Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee. Apparently because pokemon Go did so well, they’re going to make it similar to how Go is played? There’s also another rumor that it’s going to be set 100 years from now in a post apocalyptic kanto. REMEMBER! ALL TRUE! This is also counting as Gen 8. Which means new pokemon! Also, there will be pokemon that follow you, or… is it only eevee or pikachu based on what version you choose.

If this leak is true… which it is! 100% Post apocalyptic pokemon go for the switch! Which version would you buy? My thoughts are when the games come out, they’re not going to allow you to evolve eevee into any of the evolutions, or pikachu into gorochu. Raichu. Wink!

Sea of Thieves private lobbies feature taken out hours after going live due to server issues

Our second story is for Sea of Thieves. Recently they had created private parties for plundering that precious plunder. THAT’S A LOT OF P’S! Patch 1.07 went live recently, allowing awesome new features like private lobbies and the ability to give other players items, the Sea of Thieves twitter states:

“the #SeaOfThieves servers will be offline for approximately 1 hour. Unfortunately the feature which enables players to hand other pirates resources is causing an issue and as such, needs to be temporarily removed from this patch while we investigate further.”

But people were still experiencing issues, Allmondbeard errors. Which states “Your connection to Xbox Live and/or the Sea of Thieves services has been disrupted or lost. Please check your console’s network status via the Settings > Network menu.” A different beard represents a different error in sea of thieves, full list of what they’re named in the link below!

Anyway, because of the Allmondbeard errors, the sea of thieves twitter then went to say “Due to a high volume of AllmondBeard errors we’ll be scheduling another emergency maintenance window at 16:15 PDT. During this window we’ll temporarily remove the Open/Closed Crews feature as well as the invisible underwater gamer tags. We’ll post more information as we have it.” As of right now, sea of thieves has removed the private lobby feature temporarily, and as of me recording this, they still seem to be down.

Taco’s Cheat Mix

And now my favorite part of the show! It’s time for Taco’s Cheat Mix!

This one is going to be a quick one, it’s for all of Fortnite’s rubber ducky locations, by the way, have you been hearing the internet call it “Fork Knife”? It looks like Fortnite knows how to take a joke, look at this truck they put in the game.

So! I’m going to show you a map where all the Rubber Ducky Locations are, right here, see it? Great! I told you this was going to be quick, for the full in-depth list, check out VG247’s guide on the rubber ducky locations. Here’s the list one more time, if you’re on mobile, screen shot it… do it… i’m waiting for you here…. Okay… Taking it down.

Twitch now lets you filter PUBG streams by the number of remaining players

Third story! Let’s do this! Twitch now allows you to filter PUBG streams by the number of remaining players. The filter works in a similar way to language filters, you’ll be able to see the results on the spot! Also, who here is on mixer? Nobody? Thought so. Mixer has The HypeZone channel, which is a channel that automatically features streamers in the top five through 10 spots, then keeps them on until they either win or die.

Here’s my thoughts on this, as someone who does video game related news, you really need to work your butt off to be the best here. Same goes with battle royal games, some of you might still care about PUBG, but right now Fork Knife is the best game, what Twitch needs to do is replicate what mixer did, as well as do the remaining player filter for it.


Finally it looks like 2K games, the creators of Borderlands and Bioshock, has announced that one of their “biggest franchises” has been delayed until 2020. A lot of people are speculating that it’s going to be Borderlands 3, mostly due to the fact that Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford has recently stated that Borderlands 3 won’t be appearing at this year’s E3 conference. EVERYONE’S IN A TIZZY!

I much rather have a completed game than an early-access game. If it’s BioShock or Borderlands, i’m sure Take-Two doesn’t have to worry too much, what with Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out soon in October!

And that’s it for today’s show! Question of the day: What is your current favorite game you like playing online? PUBG or Fortnite? I don’t play either, mostly cuz i spend all my time getting platinum trophies for the Kingdom Hearts games, my favorite online game though? Well i’m not playing any, MAPLESTORY CMON! Which by the way, Maplestory Mobile commented on my previous video, I asked them if they had any more details on a release date, they said 2018, all I got for you guys. If you guys enjoyed the content here be sure to tap on that like button! Ring the bell for notifications if you want to stay up to date with video game news and how-to’s, until next time, i’m TacoRemix, make it a great day today guys, peace out!

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