Welcome to Tactical Tangrams

Welcome to Tactical Tangrams, where a bunch of friends came together to try and do something a little different.

What a year 2021 has been. No one foresaw the emergence of NFTs and the impact they would have on the cryptocurrency space, let alone the world. We’ve created new communities, new friendships and made a common enemy in the Right Click Savers. Profile pictures across all social platforms have been taken over by apes, lions and dare I say, YETIS! It has been one hell of a ride.

Whilst we also got swept up in the craze of the standard 10k animal collections the team at Tactical Tangrams (TT) were craving something new and different. We took a step back and asked what we would like from an NFT and whether we could offer anything new to the space. We decided as a collective to quit clowning, eat some cookies and get to work and alas Tactical Tangrams was born!

The aspect of NFTs that resonates with people most, is ownership and verifiability. It is permanent and will be recorded on the blockchain until the end of time. Now, imagine giving users the chance to not only own an NFT, but to create one of their own….

Anon, meet Tactical Tangrams.

Now before you think to yourself, pffft I couldn’t create art to save my life, don’t worry! We can’t draw either 😊 What we’ve done with TT is provide you with pieces from the famous Tangram puzzle that you can arrange in any configuration you like. Will you build a cat, a running man? Perhaps a house? With over 6500 configurations currently known the opportunities are vast and creativity is there for the taking.

You will not just own an NFT, you will in essence create one and be able to boast to your grandchildren about the piece you made back in 2021. We did some research and haven’t found anything similar in the space that provides ease of utility, beautiful custom artwork wrapped up in fun natured experience. Simplicity meets beauty with Tactical Tangram, you’re going to love it.

How It Works:

There are two parts to Tactical Tangrams:

  1. Tans — Building blocks made up of triangles, squares, and parallelograms — 7 distinct pieces are required to produce a tangram.

2) Tangrams — Completed puzzle made up of tans

TT players will mint Tans and will need to collect 7 required pieces. Once you have acquired the 7 pieces you can head to our website, interact with the playpen to create your desired shape and mint a new completed tangram. The 7 tans pieces used to mint the tangram will be burned and lost forever.

Serial numbers and naming features will be available to help reward early adopters and encourage creativity in future designs.

The fun doesn’t stop there ! We have also introduced Generations, 7 to be exact. Each generation is a specific theme and has custom made artwork to match. Users that mint tangrams will be rewarded with tans of the next generation so the fun can continue. With each generation there is less supply and by generation 7 there will only be 7 tangrams possible…sounds rare.

We are a dedicated, fun and vibrant team that have put a lot of work into this project. We are trying to be innovators in the space and push the boundaries on what’s possible with NFTs which could open up a whole new use case for them in the future.

We have plenty of ideas moving forward, Tactical tangrams is just the beginning and TT holders will be rewarded along the way.

We hope this medium article shed some light on what we are about, our thought process and how TT works. Head to our website, join our twitter and come say hi in the discord for more information. We can’t wait to meet you !

Tactical Tangrams is Ready ! Are you ?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TacticalTangram

Discord: https://discord.gg/EbGVqcBFQM

Website: tacticaltangrams.io



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