“In That Moment”

Spoken Word By: Tactix

This heartache too hard to take

Hard to express this pain in my chest, my friends suggest

We drink our sorrows away

Tomorrow’s another day

I reluctantly say ok

Now I’m here in this bar with this drink in my hand

Trying hard to understand where I went wrong as a man

And then across the room

I see in my view

A girl that’s not you

But looks just as cute

And as we lock eyes, i’m mesmerized

Caught in a trance, asking for a dance

And in that moment… I forget all about you

One too many drinks and my mind’s clouded, this club is crowded

She whispers in my ear“ let’s get out of here” and I say I’m Bout It

hop in a cab and we’re back at her place, can’t Hardly Wait

And as we make it to the door she stops and says…

“i’ve never done this before”

Words we choose to ignore as her panties hit the floor

I stand there observing her body, she stands there modestly

Looking like a goddess if I can speak honestly

Distracted by her essence but I digress as we continue undressin’

We’re bare naked

Headed for the bed but we barely make it

Goin’ at it like savages so vigorously

I pull her closer and tried to kiss her passionately

She pulls away and refrains from any intimacy

“not here for love you’re here to fuck the shit out of me”

and in that moment

She makes it clear she’s not here for consolement

Just someone to go home with

Someone to make me forget all the pain that I’m holding

and we lay there intertwined in each other

Lying to one another

under the covers

we’re undercover playing as lovers

And then reality kicks in

And it’s not her but it’s you that I’m missin’

Because in that moment

You’re the one I wish I went home with


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