Addiction and Obsessions

It is quite a shocking observation, but eventually one realizes that every addiction is predominantly maintained by an obsessive behavior. An addicted person is frequently driven by either uncontrollable and unwanted thoughts or repetitive and ritualized behavior that they feel unable to refrain from doing it or thinking about it. In addition, in the human canvas, addiction manifests itself not only in the notorious realm of drugs, sex and alcohol, but also in so many other behaviors such as the craving for power, money, recognition, fame, respect and love. In other words, whenever the necessity or the desire for a thing crosses the subtle border of acceptable and generates a behavior that obsessively wants to please its craving while it cannot be controlled by the individual, it certainly means that the person has got hooked up and, without any help from external source, it is almost impossible for the individual to have any say on his ever flowing craving for his addiction dependency. It is a shocking observation, but the more one knows about the patterns that influences one’s life, the higher is the awareness that an individual has to choose the path that a person wants to follow in his life. Awareness is always a shining star in anyone’s cognition for it gives a non-obsessive orientation, a destination, to follow in the magical journey of existence. (Tadany — 25 06 16)

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