Energy needs Space, So does Intuition

Energy needs space to manifest itself, so does the mind needs a bit of peace from the daily turmoil and wanting in order to be able to fully express its highest potential. The tighter and the more troubled is the area, the less energy will be able to expand itself. Similarly, the more a person narrows his thoughts into a single-minded way of thinking, the lower are the chances for enlarging his cognition and, consequently, he will not be able to reveal all the jewels that exist inside of his essence. Therefore, if a person wants to extend his vision on life, it is important to find some spare minutes in his daily life to use it in the understanding of the essentials of his nature so that he can choose to have a lifestyle that is more in tune with his core essence. In other words, daily doses of meditation will, as time goes by, allow a person to find undiscovered space within him that can be used to transform his life into a journey towards conscious choosing, harmonious living and inspiring manifesting the beauty of his soul. (Tadany — 11 03 16)

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