From the Source

Any plant, when it emerges from the underground
Naturally tends to move towards the light of the sun
As though it wants to be near to its energetic wellspring
Similarly, when a new person is born
His soul will always tend to move towards its light
Its original holistic and divine core
For it intrinsically recognizes its inner sound
That bounces itself back to the source of its existence
From where it all begun
Where it came from
Where it belongs to
And where it will always return to
While completing its necessary existential cycle
From the light
In the light
To the light
A majestically shining ray
In a flesh and bones human form. 
(Tadany — 12 05 15)

How to cite this Poem:
Cargnin dos Santos, Tadany. From the Source . ®

#poetry #art #source #oneness #light #awareness #consciousness#life

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