I’ve looked at Love

I’ve looked at love, from my broken heart
Shattered pieces of lost hopes
Strangled dreams by harsh ropes
Joy and reality, worlds so far apart

I’ve looked at love, from our life under the same roof
Clouds of exaltation in a majestic sky
Cupids with gentle bows and arrows, flying by
Transcendental existence, as an everyday proof

I’ve looked at love, from both angles
Tears and smiles, gives and takes
Kisses and silence, dreaming and awake
The one that frees and the other that entangles

I’ve seen it rise and I’ve seen it fall
I’ve seen it chasing the wildest fantasy
I’ve seen it choking in poisonous blasphemy
I’ve seen it everywhere, I’ve seen it all

But I still look at love, I recall
Amazed and with wonder as an innocent child
By the sight of the new and the wild
While thinking to myself, perhaps I still don’t know love at all. 
(Tadany — 11 11 14)

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