Life, must have an Aim

Life is an amazing journey, however, if one does not have an aim in life, it definitely will be a miserable existence. Every day, we are amazed by the victories, the achievements, the breakthroughs as well as the trials, the failures and the setbacks of so many people and we wonder, oh I wish I could do that, I wish I could achieve that, I wish I could be that famous, or that powerful, or that smart and so on and so forth in an endless ocean of wishful thinking. However, what most people forget is the fact that those who are out there overcoming their fears, striving to manifest their talents and going after their dreams are those people who have a clear vision of what is it that they want to do with their lives and, soaked by their innermost and strongest energy, they go out there and, despite the circumstances, they keep on moving forward relentlessly, sometimes one step at a time, others time in quantum leaps, but always forward. Therefore, if you think that you are living in one of those miserable corners of existence, it is very likely that you are lacking a direction, a goal that will demand more inspiration, action and purpose from you. So, if this is the case, start scratching you head aiming to get some uplifting thoughts that will bring more meaning and joy to your life. (Tadany — 02 07 16)

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