Love and its fluctuations

Love is an amazing human feeling. However, when it comes to relationships, it has very intense, contradictory and confusing sensations. Sometimes it is exuberantly inspiring whereas other times it is terrifying. There are gorgeous moments, and there are painful moments. Sometimes it is amazingly satisfying; other times are horrifyingly frustrating. Our desire for love, oftentimes lead us to disappointment. But, it is not the love that disappoints us; it is our incapacity of handling the undesirable and unexpected ugly truths of our partners as well as ours. It is the imposed naivety of the prince/princess lifestyle that we have unconsciously swallowed during our upbringing. It is our innocence while trying to control the uncontrollable, which are the other person’s conditioning, behavior and attitude. However, if we transfer the center of attention from begging love from someone else and conceive the possibility of being a constant source of love that can be shared with anyone at any time, then and only then, love will start its journey of being an amazing human feeling, both for oneself and for whoever crosses your path. (Tadany — 23 10 15)

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