Natural Cycles and Our Individual Rhythms

Nature has its own cycle, its own rhythm and its own processes. No one questions it and everyone accepts it with a clear and natural lucidity. In other words, everyone is consciously ok with the fact that a banana tree takes around 9 months to grow and produce a bunch of bananas and a mango tree takes around 6 years to grow and produce fruits whereas a lettuce takes around 55 days to mature and be ready for harvesting. This awareness gives both acceptance and preparedness to people because they accept the fact as a fact and, consequently, they can get ready to plan for it if they need to have any of those plants grown and harvested. However, when it comes to human existence, the possibility of each individual having its own cycle and rhythm seems to be completely ignored by most societies because they have created a rigid, imposing and unnatural structure to which everyone within the community should blindly adhere to. As a result, even before birth, the whole life of a person is already pre-defined and whatever glimpses of education that are shared with the individual only aims to emphasize and enforce the prevailing mindset. This dictatorial and biased approach towards life has caused many sadness, depression, defiance and suicides because it enforces into the person a prospect of life that, perhaps, has nothing to do with the innermost aspirations that exist in the core of the individual. Moreover, as we have all observed, either directly or indirectly, most of the sorrows that a person faces in his life is an immediate consequence of not being allowed to do what he wishes to do, or not to pursue the goals that he wants to achieve, or not to marry that person that he chooses to marry, or not to live where he would like to reside, or not to study what he wants to become an expert on it, or not to choose when and where he wants to do any of those things. In other words, it requires a tremendous degree of openness, freedom and tolerance to accept the fact that other people are simply different and have their own rhythms, desires and cycles. Hopefully, someday we will all rid ourselves from the immature self-deception that we know what is best for everyone else when, most of the times; we hardly have any idea of what to do with our own lives because we haven’t considered the possibility that our own rhythms are not the ones that we’ve been following. Therefore, regardless of your age, social status and creeds, it is always a high time to open yourself up to the fact that you may have your own rhythms and cycles and, even if you do want to accept if for yourself, gently have the openness and maturity to allow other people consider it as a possibility for themselves. In other words, nature is an amazing teacher that, as much as possible, we should become aware of its revelations and lessons. Meanwhile, naturally and kindly choose to live a life that will inspire even yourself. (Tadany — 26 04 16)

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