On Being Hurt

Hurt only happens with our permission. Sometimes, when I feel wounded by other’s behavior, or misbehavior, the mind immediately triggers a bunch of protective shields, which include anger and distress, as a survival mechanism. However, after a while, I am able to see the whole situation from a broader vantage point and, then, I realize that the person behaved in an almost predictable way and it was I who failed to accept the fact that the person remained the same, even though I expected her to have changed. In addition, because of this non-acceptance of the other person’s psychological structure, I also open the doors that allow the person to “hurt” me. In other words, I almost unconsciously give the individual the permission to invade my serenity and cause an emotional havoc on it. In life, it is wise to be always watchful on how we react to the unexpected ways that other people will behave towards us so that we can reach a higher level of objective, lucid and caring relationship with the world aiming to avoid giving it permissions to hurt ourselves. (Tadany — 14 07 15)

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