On Relationships

Oftentimes, when the fear of loneliness, the lack of imagination and the incapacity of leading one’s own life are bundled together, they create such an exaggerated sense of despair and abandonment that strongly compels a person to marry the first fool who gives him/her a smile or some fragments of caring. No wonder there are so many unhappy couples co-existing in a dictatorial and pestilent family environment. If a person genuinely considers the fact that couples spend a great deal of times together, it would be inevitable to think about the tremendous impact that a relationship has in all aspect of one’s life and, if this irrevocable truth is assimilated, surely people would be more discerning, objective and careful while choosing their lives’ partners because almost all sensations of happiness, accomplishments and love come from this choice. Therefore, be careful with your choice for it is your duty to protect and maintain the intrinsic beauty, exuberance and sublime characteristics of your soul. (Tadany — 12 10 12)

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