On Superficiality, Love and Oneness.

On Superficiality, Love and Oneself.

To know oneself is a tremendous challenge. It is probably the most important effort that one must undertake in one’s life because, generally, what one sees are only faces, forms and vague ideas, both about his own nature and that of others. Actually, no one really knows what’s going on inside of a person. Frequently, we see beauty, we observe charm, we face charisma, we are enchanted by smiles and gentle gestures but we never see the anguish, the frustrations and the traumas, nor we see the ambitions, the real character and the reasons behind any choice. In other words, predominantly we only see the surface of other people and, on top of that, we fall in love with that superficial observation, with that narrow understanding of the other person, with that scarce knowledge of who the person truly is. Then, when you come closer, you start seeing that the inner depths of the other person are as restless and as turbulent as yours. In other words, the person falls in love with a surface that he believes to be the medicine for his emotional turmoil only to find out that his dreamed cure is as damaged and his. In other words, it is a beggar marrying another beggar hoping to enrich his life, but completely unaware of the fact that that they are both miserable beggars and, when the truth comes to the surface, a hellish relationship has its nefarious inception. However, it does not have to be like this so long as an individual devotes more and more time aiming to understand and to know his real, holistic and everlasting spiritual nature so that, as time goes by, his superimposed misunderstanding are replace by an objective and compassionate knowledge that will allow him to relate with anyone, including himself, with more care, lucidity and love. (Tadany — 16 02 16)

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