Oneness in a Relationship

When two people meet, it is like the encounter of two waves moving towards each other. The first shock is impressive, strong and disruptive. After the fascinating first shock, comes the turmoil and the turbulence caused by waves that have their own frequency and are trying to coexist in harmony. This is definitely a trial and error period that requires loads of accommodation, openness and courage to merge two individually distinct vibratory bodies into the new frequency. Then, once this conflicting, disquieting and adaptive times passes, a new entity is formed by the sum of two dissimilar waves that now have merged together and are vibrating in the new magical oscillation. In this stage, life seems to be an extension of all the natural and holistic forces that have created the whole universe and, as a consequence, the “new beings”, simply by their own existence, are able to share a bit of the ever fascinating, always enchanting and forever inspiring frequencies of love, understanding and caring. (Tadany — 14 03 16)

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