Responsibility. Seriousness. Joyfulness

Oftentimes, people mistake responsibility with seriousness. Somehow, after years of study and observation of our human nature, I’ve come to realize that people who are too much self-centered, who want to project an image that perhaps even they don’t believe in it, who think of themselves in a much higher position than they really are, usually go around with a very sober and grave appearance, as if their apparent solemnness would grant them a more favorable or admirable status. These people have a sense of being responsible that is taciturn, sterile and constipated. Their misconceptions about a responsible existence make their every move a pre-planned action that is measured, almost unnatural and unpalatably dry. Frequently, these people pass by a beautiful flower without being enchanted by its sublime exuberance, they are almost incapable of seeing the angelical revelations found in the spontaneous laughter of a child, the sunset is just a mechanical change of time during the day and not a symbolical happening that tells us what our souls ought to do in the upcoming ours, the magnificence of a free and not-judgmental friendship is a strange alien on the shores of their lonely islands, for them the euphoria of bodies moving in a cosmic and unrestrained dance are an inexplicable and vulgar loss of self-dignity, in other words, they are blind to the playful, puerile and spontaneous manifestations that make life the most inspiring, meaningful and revealing gift that we will ever have. Therefore, it is crystal clear to understand that responsibility has nothing to do with seriousness because you can be extremely playful, happy and unconcerned with what others thing of you and still be an amazingly responsible and proactive person wherever you are. A happily responsible individual. (Tadany — 15 08 16)

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