Spiritual Plasticity

I like very much the concept of plasticity, which is becoming more and more prevalent in modern times. Basically, when we talk of any structure and in the wide sense of the word, plasticity means the possession of a structure weak enough to yield to an influence, but strong enough not to yield all at once. Science has already clearly described its practicality in the human brain and how, contrary to old and irrevocable thoughts, the brain is constantly changing and reshaping itself based on external situations. So, without any fear, we can definitely talk about spiritual plasticity, i.e., if matter is strongly shaped by one’s external stimuli, what to think of subtler matter such as love, compassion and friendship, which are weak enough to be extremely malleable and remodelled by outer forces, but also are strong enough to know its limits and when to stop yielding to undesirable and unnatural influences. Even so, the plasticity of this basic spiritual attitudes also tell us that, if they are not constantly practiced, reinforced and magnetized, their energetic centers can be subject to harsh and destructive attacks. Therefore, once we are aware of this capacity of our spiritual core, it is possible to choose to habituate the subtle body to continuously reshape itself towards less selfish behaviour, less segregating attitudes and less intolerant actions so that the roughness of those traits can be replaced by the gentleness of a lifestyle where interdependence, interconnection and constructive interaction are the internally emanated and externally acceptable influences of our lives. (Tadany — 28 01 17)

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