The Dreamer in Her

Passionately wanted to have me
It built magic gardens in her soul
Gave her wings and a lovely stream to flow

But as dreamer, she also had a past
So vivid, painful and vast
Undeniably, to her dreams, a vital contrast

Apparently, memories were amazingly strong
Because, at the first opportunity, she made it all go wrong

And whatever was an inspiring horizon of love and celebration
Ended up in a burning acidity, inconsolable soul´s cremation
That could not be altered, no matter how powerful was the temptation

Lately, the dreamer in her has regained willingness
She decided to clean up all the mess
And restart it all over, hoping it to be a success

All the while, I waited full of expectations
Every single day, every apparent desolate night
Because the dreamer in me, have always loved her
From the very first sight. 
(Tadany — 15 06 12)

How to cite this Poem: 
Cargnin dos Santos, Tadany. The dreamer in her. ®