The World Needs More Artists

The world needs more and more poets, sculptors, musicians and other people involved with arts and creativity because, in an almost natural manner, these individuals are all dreamers, they are the people who think out-of-the-box, whose thought process is divergent, who can connect the dots that were not envisioned before and, as a consequence, their vivid imaginations are capable of forming new ideas, new concepts and new visions of life. Luckily, the world is full of such individuals, however, somehow the doors are not so widely open to them, therefore, we have to give them more space, we need to support them, encourage them and allow them to come forth and share their inventiveness, their ingenuity and their uniqueness. Creativity is the quintessential force that has improved our standard of living and artists are the beholders of these magical powers, therefore, let us artistically welcome them into all fields of our society. (Tadany — 12 12 15)

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