Thoughtless, or Harmonious, Mindset

There is no such a thing as a thoughtlessness state, unless the person is in a vegetative state, or is facing some other consciousness disorder. However, what people search for is a state of harmony, which seems like devoid of thinking, but it is not. It is a special state where values, attitudes, beliefs, predisposition, conditioning and knowledge are all in a synchronized alignment, like the mellifluous sound of an orchestra. There is no harsh disaccord among the instruments, no mismatch in the musical tempo, no note played out of tune. This sublime combination is so pleasing, so exciting and so enchanting that one feels as though thoughts have disappeared. But, they have not. It is an apparent illusion because thinking is pretty much there, but what is gone are the conflicts, the self-judgmental attitude, the annoying inner dictator who is constantly oppressing the self and the self-non-acceptance behavior. In other words, thoughts remain, but they manifest in unison with all the parts of its composition, which is one of the most admirable goals that a person can pursue in his life, i.e., to reach a level of unchangeable agreement between his thoughts, words, behavior and actions. And, when it happens, a new, powerful and harmonious portal opens up in the consciousness of the any human being. Consciously aware in a harmonic manifestation. (Tadany — 06 05 15)

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