Whirling Feelings

In the height of my pride
I was in the pinnacle of a superior perception
Then, while travelling in the wilderness of my egocentric world
A strong blizzard left me in despair and cooled down my illusions

Once, I was at the bottom of my self-worth
My dignity was in the lowest layer of an inferior gradation
Suddenly, a blaze of sunlight shone brightly in the cave of my self-abandonment
And opened up the portals to the path of a hopeful and uplifting restart

Now, neither in the shackles of pride, nor in the dungeons of low self-esteem
Life has surfaced within the lucid harmony of opposites
Watching curiously the swing of moods, sensations and thoughts
While revealing itself as love, freedom and wisdom.
(Tadany — 29 03 15)

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