Your Manager Must Work for You Too.

As an individual contributor to any organization, it is part of your job role to make sure that your manager works for you too because it is part of his responsibility to create the conducive environment for you to fully manifest your potential. It is part of his role to provide the necessary training that you need to accomplish your goals successfully. People often forget, but a manager gets paid not only for his individual contribution in the way he devises the organizational strategies, implement its operations, streamline its processes and increase the company’s profits, but also for taking his team to higher and higher levels of performance, cooperation and innovation and, for that to happen, he must allocate a substantial part of his time in understanding how each collaborator functions so that he can fully use their potential, experience and skills aiming to achieve the company and the individual goals. Therefore, it is important that employees have frequent meetings with their managers aiming to set some goals where the manager must pave the way for the collaborator’s growth, which can be manifested in the form of more opportunities, better salary or organizational ascension. (Tadany — 03 12 16)

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