Time Flies and Caterpillars Grow into Butterflies

Imagine you decided to leave your hometown and seek a better living in a bigger city. When you get there, you find it challenging to make it than you anticipated, but you hang in there and try to make it some more. The challenges you face and the extra effort you put in to make it prevents you from returning home without anything to show off with. So, you figure you’ll return home when, at least, what you came here for finally materializes. Eventually, through years of trials and tribulations, you realize your goals. Now you can return home.

You head home. Family and community receive you wholeheartedly. You feel good to be back. You spend days, if not weeks, catching up with old souls and customs so that you can adjust accordingly. After a while you decide to travel a little further to check up an old friend you last saw shortly before you left town. When there, you don’t find the friend but family members recognize who you are and assure you, after you gave them your phone number, they’ll inform the friend to call you when she returns from work.

Another few days later, you receive a call from the friend and you spend a while on the phone catching up. Towards the end of the conversation, she asks you to come by tomorrow; you tell her you’ll be glad to. Again, when you get to her house you chat for a while but not long enough, she changes her tone and says she has something to tell you. Thoughts rush into your head trying to anticipate what is it that she wants to tell you, but before ideas come to mind she tells you both have a daughter; she’s eleven years old and would like you to meet her (as she calls her to introduce to you).

The end.

Please note: these are thoughts inspired by my curiosity in a sudden appearance of a man with a German SUV, his relationship with my neighbour and her oldest daughter — had me wondering (how are they connected?).