All Q1 Milestones Reached; Q2 Roadmap Expanded.

Q1 in review and a look at Q2.

Apr 1 · 4 min read

With the launch of our in-depth Adoption Page, we’ve achieved a major personal success: we’ve reached every single one of the Q1 milestones we had set for ourselves at the beginning of 2019. We’ve begun to see real-world adoption take hold, with buyers from (currently) over 170 cities in China purchasing products and holding our tokens.

Through our partnership with Japanese product distributor Inagora, our integration with a fifth warehouse, and the roll-out of offline locations starting in Beijing, we’ve established ourselves as the project to watch. Especially with the support of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG)’s business accelerator, we aim to become a fixture in not only China but all of South East Asia, with our loyalty token used across the vast ecosystem.

Q1: achievements and milestones reached.

✔️ Masternode Expansion
✔️ Utilizing Tael for Techrock referrals
✔️ First version of Tael adoption stats page
✔️ New version of warehouse encoding app, automating logistics processes

Business Development
✔️ Launch of PoS (point of sale) terminals in Beijing
✔️ Integrate fiat-to-Tael payment gateway and make it available to corporate clients
✔️ Integrate with an additional warehouse to prepare for further expansion
✔️ Partner with major Japanese product distributor

Q1 of 2019 has been fruitful, with much more to come.

Our focus right now is growing the sales network, marketing our solution, and educating crypto and non-crypto communities about Techrock & Tael.

Q2: aiming higher.

In light of our success in Q1, we feel confident that our Q2 roadmap can be expanded beyond our initial estimates. As new doors have opened to us, we’re adding several major milestones to the list. Here’s what we plan over the next 3 months:

  • Technology
    - Fine tune blockchain to facilitate variable data access for B2B partners
    - Add social functionality to Techrock application
    - Add a native shop inside the consumer scanning application
    - Create custom Enterprise blockchain explorer (non-public)
  • Sales Network and business development
    - Recognition of our safe channel by China’s consumer protection body
    - Sales in 250 cities
    - Implement Tael payment system outside Techrock marketplace
    - Make several partnerships public, including our largest to date
  • Community
    - Binance AMA in several groups (including English and Chinese), date TBA
    - Masternode expansion (ongoing)
    - Community engagement program & product giveaway
    - Additional improvements to ‘Adoption Page’
    - Implement Tael payment system with other blockchain tokens

What else would you like to see happen in Q2? Let your voice be heard on Telegram or by posting on Twitter using the #Tael $WABI hashtags.

Note: to facilitate the additional milestones, we’ve moved our ‘B2B supply chain management interface’ milestone to Q4 of 2019.

Please note that the roadmap may be subject to change and is based on the information available to us at the time of writing. All changes to the roadmap will be noted and we’ll announce changes as they happen.

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The digital token used in the Tael ecosystem for verifiably authentic products. Formerly WaBi.

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