How to join the Verified Tael (WABI) Holder Discussion Telegram Channel

With our main Tael (WABI) Telegram group reaching almost 8000 members, a level of spamming, fudding, and white noise posting is to be expected. For those who’d rather filter posts from non-Tael holders, we’ve created a Verified Tael Holder Discussion Channel exclusive to those holding 50 Tael (WABI) or more. Follow the below steps if you’d like to get verified!

Step 1:

Open your Telegram app and use the Search bar to find our Verification bot under the handle @WaBiVerificationBot. Press ‘Send Message’.

Step 2:

Press the Start button (or manually type /start) when prompted to initiate the verification process.

Step 3:

Provide the wallet address you use to hold Tael (WABI) tokens (note: exchange addresses will not work!). Make sure you can send Ethereum (ETH) from said address, as it is required for the verification process.

Step 4:

After you type your wallet address, you will receive a response on whether the amount of Tael (WABI) you currently hold qualifies you for entry to the Verified Tael (WABI Holder Discussion Channel. If not, you will be prompted to try again when you hold the appropriate amount of Tael (WABI).

Step 5:

The final step makes sure that the wallet address you provided belongs to you. You will be asked to send a minor (but specific) amount of ETH to an address. After the transaction has been verified (within an hour) you will receive an invite to the channel. Make sure to use your personal channel invite as soon as possible, as they expire swiftly. The address you send the ETH from needs to be the address you hold your Tael (WABI) on.

Please note that kinks are still being worked out in regards to the verification process. If you encounter any problems, please reach out to @WaBiWalt on Telegram.