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Aug 8, 2018 · 7 min read

Sales Expansion

Our aim has always been to reach one thousand points of sale in China for our retail channel by the end of 2018. Expansion is paramount, which is why (as stated in our 2018 Roadmap) we’ve expanded to 5 additional provinces:

Gansu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Chongqing, and Sichuan.

The retail channel has expanded to POS in the following provinces.

These provinces were chosen as prime areas for our retail channel, both for their geographical position and susceptibility to counterfeit goods. These are early, yet promising steps towards a much larger expansion. We’re now moving at an accelerated speed to cover more territory over the coming months.

Presence is merely the first step. You need talented sales managers to expand your sales network, manage the sales team, and introduce consumers to this new retail channel concept.

To ensure these locations are in good hands, we’ve hired sales directors and sales leads with a proven track record at innovative and established companies such as ofo, Meituan, Baidu, Yili, and Wanglaoji to operate as sales managers within these areas.

Our newly hired sales managers have thrived in their past experiences at major brands.

Dedicated and talented sales managers will increase company growth greatly as we move forward:

Liang Zhi Wen successfully helped China Telecom open five stores in Zhongshan and Guangdong. He has recruited and trained more than 20 people during his time at Meituan. While there, he also developed three stores over the course of three months, including a liquor store, a department store, and a chain store. These stores averaged 100k in revenue on their third month. Liang Zhi Wen also has strong ties to ofo, LeTV, local media, supermarkets, and malls.

Liao Chao Jun is developing the Chongqing market. He started a successful business several years ago, and in only 3 months built a team that would grow to be awarded best sales team in Chongqing six months in a row. During his time at Keruyun, a pioneer service provider, he cultivated a regional leading branch in Chongqing.

Zhang Bing was responsible for dealing with major clients of internet behemoth Baidu, and managed their regional team. This team accounted for 70% of sales in Chongqing, which is roughly 98 million RMB. As a Baidu sales lead, he successfully cultivated two business development managers to advance their companies in Chongqing.

Li Liang worked at Nongfu Spring and Wang Lao Ji, where he exceeded his yearly goal annually. As a regional sales leader, he initiated three major on-going regional sales processes and collaborated with 15 regional distributors.


Almost all 30 of our initial batch of masternodes are currently up and running, verifying transactions in our retail channel! This process is vital in making sure the Walimai system works, and we’re proud to have supporters going above and beyond to aid us in ensuring Walimai is a success. Those running masternodes can expect their first payout to occur on Friday, August 10th 12PM GMT, and weekly payouts afterward.

All TrustNodes have been selected and contacted. We will conduct video interviews with each to verify their identity and walk them through the TrustNode requirements. TrustNode holders will be announced on our post-rebranding website.

If you want to join the queue for the next batch of masternodes, simply follow the instructions below. TrustNodes are selected based on information required in the Google Doc and requires no additional actions on your part!

Kyberswap Listing

WaBi is now listed on KyberNetwork’s KyberSwap platform, allowing an additional way of supporters to get their hands on WaBi through direct token-to-token swap transactions!

Updated Labels

This month will see the start of production for the latest iteration of our anti-counterfeit label. This label will sport a new look, shape, and (more importantly) new features including Proof of Consumption.

The new label will consist of an NTAG 213 TT chip that can detect changes in tamper loop resistance while still allowing the antenna to respond to interrogation. What this means is that the new label will not simply render itself inert when tampered with: it will be able to transmit its status when scanned with an NFC capable smart phone, simply by changing a single bit upon label tampering.

Thanks to the new flexibility of the label from a design standpoint, we’ll be able to more easily adapt labels to individual products and compensate for any irregular shapes through bespoke designs, while still retaining the label’s features.

Additionally, we’ve taken another major step towards mainstream adoption by allowing more smart phone types to scan our labels. Initially, our RFID/NFC labels were scannable with iPhone phones utilizing a custom, dedicated dongle, and Android phones. We’ve now solved this iPhone specific obstacle, allowing all iPhones from iPhone 7 onward to scan our labels and accrue Wajifen/WaBi seamlessly.


In Q3/Q4 of 2018, you will be hearing and seeing a lot more of us in the media, both online and offline. However, Walimai will not stay Walimai. After an in-depth consumer research survey among over 500 people (in over 20 cities) in our target consumer demographics in China, we’ve chosen a platform name and look that we believe is appropriate and resonates well with consumers.

This comprehensive rebranding will apply to every aspect of the business, including our apps, labels, websites, consumer UX, and advertising. We hope to share details with the community as soon as possible. For now, the more eagle-eyed of supporters can find hints scattered in upcoming photographs and articles here and there.

Our Focus For The Immediate Future

Upcoming Partnerships

We have several partnerships lined up which will be announced as details are finalized. For now we can say it includes expanding to a new demographic, one of the major players in Australian supplements, a major British retailer, an award winning & well-established Australian milk powder brand, and a new & highly promising Australian infant formula brand. We are also in talks with one of the biggest direct mail & Daigou product supplier companies in the UK, among others.

Finalizing The Rebranding

Major aspects of the rebranding, such as the naming, have already been finalized. Now we’re aiming to establish our definitive brand language, visual guidelines, specialized fonts, and more, while keeping in mind the possibility of expansion of the brand beyond our current goals.

Opening Up The Blockchain

We’re preparing an elaboration of the supply chain side of our blockchain by opening it up for the inclusion of additional features and allowing companies already using their own RFID on products to utilize and benefit from our blockchain.

Strengthening The Logistics

Getting the products of brands protected by our label safely into China is one of the strengths of the platform. We ensure this by signing on with high quality freight forwarding services and dependable warehousing companies as we ramp up logistics from Japan, Australia, and Europe.

Expanding Our Reach

When it comes to expanding the number of POS, it’s not just about our spread among provinces throughout China. We’ll be reaching more stores in areas we are already present in through our dedicated sales managers. The more people in individual locations are familiar with the WaBi system, the more word of mouth will help us grow together.

Our next monthly update will be published on the 5th of September!

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