Techrock announces another pilot implementation with PCA Express Pty Ltd

New EnterpriseNode opens doors to on-boarding additional brands

- Second EnterpriseNode up-and-running
- PCA Express utilizing the Techrock blockchain
- Close relationship resulting in enhanced Australia-to-China logistics
- Clients of PCA Express include Alibaba, Chemist Warehouse, Woolworths, and more

Detailing the second of our EnterpriseNodes:

PCA Express Pty Ltd joins the Techrock blockchain, resulting in a close strategic partnership and the utilization of our blockchain to track their worldwide shipping transactions. Techrock is the first blockchain related company in the warehouse as of yet and we are very happy with the results of our pilot, opening doors to many more products:

A look at Techrock-secured goods in the PCA Express warehouse.

We’re excited to bring PCA Express Pty Ltd, an Australian-based 3PL and couriers business specialized in logistics in the Asia Pacific region, on board the Techrock blockchain. Besides their extensive logistics services, including sea freight, airfreight, cartage management, and e-commerce tracking, PCA Express also provides logistics counseling for major companies including Alibaba, Chemist Warehouse, Woolworths, and others. The Techrock blockchain will be providing invaluable data to PCA Express, in service of enhancing the worldwide logistics infrastructure.

Collaborating for next level tracking.

PCA Express customers are offered full chain traceability on their items, cases, lots, or pallet labels, thanks to the Techrock blockchain. This collaboration also yields adherence to China’s E-commerce Law set to take effect in 2019, which holds e-commerce platform operators accountable in regards to the proof of provenance of the goods. Our technology ensures the safety and authenticity of the goods sold to Chinese consumers.

The Hyperledger technology on which the Techrock blockchain is based allows around 3500 TPS (transactions per second), user-friendly customizability, and synergizes well with our expected growth and volumes. Several chain-codes or smart-contracts are encoded along the supply line to automatically ensure that none of the goods are expired, recalled, substituted, and that no unauthorized logistics units have entered the supply chain.

Key PCA Express features include:

  • flexible, comprehensive, and efficient logistics solutions
  • agency agreements and customs clearance in over 26 countries
  • being one of the key market shareholders in an intensive logistics market

While our partnership with Send2China covers much of our Europe-to-China logistics network, PCA Express will play a vital role in getting high-demand New Zealand, Australian, and other Asia Pacific countries’ goods to Chinese consumers. Partnerships such as these give us access to massive logistics networks around the world, assuring our ability to get foreign goods (secured with our anti-counterfeit smart label) to the China market, expediently.

Running an EnterpriseNode.

In addition to Send2China and PCA Express, many more interested parties are exploring possibilities to run EnterpriseNodes on the Techrock blockchain. EnterpriseNodes are run by corporations interested in the Techrock blockchain’s capabilities and are an easy way for brands and merchants to join the Techrock ecosystem. This allows them to start using Taels for marketing their products to consumers in China.

These collaborations open the door to future commercial and technical cooperation, bolstering the ecosystem, and enabling both parties to grow together. We will be announcing additional EnterpriseNode runners at a later date, so stay tuned for more!

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