Rakuten Partners With Techrock to Bring Verifiable Authentic Japanese Products To China

Rakuten opens dedicated ‘zone’ for products inside the Techrock retail channel and works towards integration of Tael loyalty points

Apr 16 · 2 min read

READ OUR RAKUTEN UPDATE HERE: https://blog.taelpay.com/rakuten-partnership-live-tael-ecosystem-to-guarantee-japanese-product-authenticity/

Techrock (formerly Walimai), the safe-product retail channel providing verifiable authentic consumer goods to the Chinese consumer market, has joined forces with Rakuten, Japan’s largest ecommerce platform with over 90 million registered users.

The Techrock safe channel expands with a dedicated ‘Rakuten Zone’, in which consumers can buy Rakuten products secured with Techrock’s unique blockchain-based anti-counterfeit technology. This is the first step towards further collaboration on blockchain traceability, consumer insights, and integration of loyalty points.

“Techrock’s anti-counterfeit technology allows Chinese consumers to verify they have received a genuine Rakuten product, giving a unique value advantage for cross-border ecommerce. Together with Techrock, we can further develop blockchain traceability and work towards cross-ecosystem integration of our platforms’ loyalty points.”
- Ye Jianyou, Global Trading & Flagship Section / Vice Senior Manager of Rakuten

“We’re very excited to be able to provide millions of Chinese consumers with Rakuten’s high-demand, quality Japanese products, and work together to improve cross-border ecommerce as it exists now.”
- Alex Busarov, Co-founder & CEO of Techrock

Techrock is the third Chinese ecommerce platform chosen by Rakuten to integrate a dedicated ‘zone’, joining the ranks of China’s ecommerce giants JD.com and Kaola. Products will include cosmetics and other categories, as well as original Rakuten products of a limited edition nature.

About Rakuten:

Rakuten is Japan’s largest ecommerce platform with over 90 million registered users, 10.000 employees, and yearly global revenue of over 1 trillion yen. Rakuten is the world’s third largest ecommerce marketplace company, with a business network spanning ecommerce, travel, banking, securities, online marketing, and professional sports.

Techrock — Touch to Authenticate
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