Send2China partners with Tael, sets up EnterpriseNode on Techrock blockchain

Paving the way for long-term collaborations

Dec 11, 2018 · 3 min read

- First authentic product gateway launched
- First EnterpriseNode up-and-running
- Gateway cleared for large-scale access to verifiable European goods for Chinese consumers

Europe is home to some of the most desirable products in the eyes of Chinese consumers, but access is severely hampered. The logistics behind getting authentic European products in the hands of Chinese consumers is an arduous one, especially when the standards are as high they are on the Techrock platform. Bringing in authentic goods from a host of countries while assuring their authenticity is of the utmost importance to us. To ensure this, products are required to be packaged securely and scanned multiple times along their route, assuring safe travel from A to Z without the possibility of malicious activities or tampering.

Why Send2China?

It’s all in the name. Send2China is an important cross-border e-commerce solution, utilizing an extensive network of contacts, resources, and established infrastructure to deliver European goods to China in a safe and timely manner.

Send2China also provides vital warehousing for products being shipped out to China (including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan), with office and warehouse locations in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany. This minimizes friction across the supply chain as products need to only travel a short distance before being readied for their final destination. Send2China also benefits from their links to Parcelforce, Belgium Post, Interlink, and other major courier companies, allowing affordable, quality delivery of products to Chinese consumers. We’re happy to collaborate and to establish the first verifiably authentic product gateway into China.

Running an EnterpriseNode.

The Send2China EnterpriseNode has been running for several weeks already, giving them the ability to utilize and add information to the Techrock blockchain. By incorporating the blockchain into their logistics system, they’re strengthening the security and safety of the Techrock blockchain even further. The setting up of the Send2China EnterpriseNode is just the beginning: it’s the basis for a strong, long-lasting partnership going forward, allowing us to utilize their experience, infrastructure, and extensive network while providing them with a headstart on integrating blockchain technology, in-depth data, and brand new customers in return.

What are EntrepriseNodes?

EnterpriseNodes are run by corporations interested in the Techrock blockchain’s capabilities. These collaborations open the door to future commercial and technical cooperation, bolstering the ecosystem and enabling both parties to grow together. Send2China is only the first of the EnterpriseNodes to be detailed. As of this article, there are three EnterpriseNodes running on the Techrock blockchain and we hope to detail the additional nodes in the near future.

Stay tuned for more.

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