Tael & Techrock 2019 Roadmap

Detailing this year’s focus on adoption

2018 has been a pivotal year for Tael, in more ways than one.

To name but a few of last year’s developments:

We expanded our product portfolio to include cosmetics and nutritional supplements alongside an extensive collection of infant formula products. 
We began tapping into a world of high-demand products from Australia & New Zealand while opening operations in Japan to facilitate Japanese brand onboarding. We’ve melded ecosystems with one of the promising names in the high-tech healthcare industry. We completed a comprehensive rebranding and reinvented our visual language to better appeal to our target audience in China. We also announced one of three companies currently running EnterpriseNodes on the Techrock blockchain.

All this has been a testament to the heights we’ll be able to reach as we leave 2018 behind.

2019 — progress up to date (12th of February).

In the first month of 2019 alone, we ordered 300.000 additional labels to keep up with China’s demand for authentic goods while also cutting production costs by 80%, allowing us to expand our product portfolio to a host of sub-$20 products. We also secured important partnerships, such as with PCA Express, to further cover our worldwide logistics. We’ve begun seeing the Techrock blockchain being used by more companies through our EnterpriseNodes, and we’re getting close to releasing the updated scanning app for consumers.

But that’s not all. We also saw major advancements in the recognition of our project’s legitimacy, with Tael receiving the Binance V (Gold) Label, being integrated into Binance’s official Ethereum ‘Trust Wallet’, and Hyperledger announcing our inclusion into their collective.

Additionally, we also started a series of articles to explain the Tael ecosystem and its workings in detail, and how every move towards mass adoption we take affects you as a Tael token holder. Newcomers to Tael should make these articles their primary resource of our project’s inner workings:

To keep our supporters in the loop, we’re giving you all a glimpse of the planned developments this year, each selected to achieve our goal of fostering adoption.

A brief recap of terminology:

Techrock is the company selling authentic consumer products.

The Techrock marketplace hosts verifiable authentic products from all over the world, giving the Chinese consumer market the ability to shop with assurance. Products in the marketplace are protected with proprietary anti-counterfeit labels utilizing blockchain technology while linking physical goods with their digital counterparts to provide supply chain tracking and inform customers of potential product tampering. The platform is the first to fully utilize our loyalty tokens and showcases the strengths and ease of integration our token provides.

Tael are loyalty tokens.

These cryptocurrency tokens are used to incentivize consumers, brands, merchants, and even manufactures. The virtuous cycle of our token in the ecosystem is best described in the Actors in the Ecosystem episode of our in-depth ecosystem articles. Tael are at the core of the Techrock company and Taelpay.

Taelpay is a payment system utilizing Tael.

Expanding the use-case of Tael and making it possible to use Tael to purchase products outside of the Techrock platform (or trade Tael for other loyalty points) is a key aim for us to achieve extensive adoption. Launching our universal Loyalty Point Exchange is one of our main priorities, along with enabling Taelpay usage in everyday stores. The function of Taelpay is to make Tael as ubiquitous as possible, allowing for full Tael interchangeability.

2018 prepared us for the year ahead, giving us the opportunity to focus on achieving the following key milestones in the year 2019. Here’s what you can expect:

Roadmap 2019

Q1 (Ends 31st of March)
Q2 (Ends 30th of June) Edit: Expanded Version
  • Technology
    - Fine tune blockchain to facilitate variable data access for B2B partners
    - Add social functionality to Techrock application
    - Add a native shop inside the consumer scanning application
    - Create custom Enterprise blockchain explorer (non-public)
  • Sales Network and business development
    - Recognition of our safe channel by China’s consumer protection body
    - ✔️ Expand to 100 cities [06/03: http://bit.ly/2C1iha7
    Edit: Expand to 250 cities. [30/04: https://t.me/wabiico/221]
    - Implement Tael payment system outside Techrock marketplace
    - ✔️ Make several partnerships public, including our largest to date [Rakuten |16/04: https://t.me/wabiico/214]
    [Nature’s Care |19/04:
    [Nestlé |24/04:
  • Community 
    - ✔️ Binance AMA in several groups (including English and Chinese) [16/04: https://t.me/wabiico/210]
    - ✔️ Masternode expansion (ongoing) [01/04: https://t.me/wabiico/186]
    - ✔️ Community engagement program & product giveaway [06/04: https://t.me/wabiico/207]
    - Additional improvements to ‘Adoption Page’
    - Implement Tael payment system with other blockchain tokens
Q3 (Ends 30th of September)
  • Technology
    Add product recommendation features to Techrock store
    - Add Tael redemption functionality at 3rd party retailers
  • Brand Portfolio
    - Add wellness and lifestyle products to Techrock store
    - Expand portfolio to 500 SKUs
  • Business Development
    - E-commerce retailers using Tael to market on Techrock
    - Tael interchangeable with other retail loyalty points
Q4 (Ends 31st of December)
  • Technology
    - AI-based product recommendation targeting
    - Automatic labeling solution with >10000 items/day throughput
  • Business Development 
    - Integrate Tael with international shopping malls/payment provider
  • Sales Network
    - Expand to 250 (Edit: now 500) cities
    - Product placement marketing using Tael

[Note: for simplicity and understandability’s sake, the terms Tael & Shijifen are occasionally used interchangeably. Please read about the specific usage of both terms in this article to avoid confusion]

Please note that the roadmap may be subject to change and is based on the information available to us at the time of writing. All changes to the roadmap will be noted and we’ll announce changes as they happen.

As always, let your voice be heard on Telegram or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on developments as they occur.

Thank you all for your continued support!