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A Closer Look At Our Custom Enterprise Dashboard

Jun 26 · 4 min read

Broadly, logistics deals with the transportation of goods from point A to point B. However, such a description omits all the nuance inherent to the vast series of systems in place to make it happen in a timely and secure manner. By utilizing the Techrock blockchain, companies gain access to the next generation of product tracking on an immutable ledger. But this is only a part of the benefits our partners are privy to.

Our visual dashboard provides a comprehensive data hub for our partners.

We’ve created a customizable visual dashboard for select organizations collaborating with us, allowing them to read and contribute directly to the Techrock blockchain and gain extensive novel data regarding not only their supply chain but also consumer behavior through our unique anti-counterfeit solution.

Organizations with access to our dashboard include worldwide logistics companies such as Send2China & PCA Express, collaborating brand owners, and all current EnterpriseNode runners.

To protect confidential data, the graphics in this article utilize dummy data as an example.

Logistics data

The in-depth presentation of logistics data on the blockchain is kept visually uncluttered while remaining extensive in scope. Partners will be able to track on-going fulfillment of orders (from point of origin up to actual consumption) encompassing all of the supply chain and beyond. Trace View allows them to register each individual event on the timeline and across all supply chain segments, including security scan events.

Our dashboard keeps accessibility at the forefront of its design, allowing brands unfettered access to their data on the blockchain. In combination with unprecedented behavioral data, we’re providing partners with never before seen levels of actionable information.

Behavioral data

Due in part to our proprietary IoT-readied, NTAG 213 TT-equipped anti-counterfeit labels, we’re able to provide select partners with information well outside of the scope of other supply chain solutions. This unique technology protects the authenticity of the products both physically and digitally on the blockchain. Unlike a QR code, these NFC labels cannot be copied to forge authenticity.

Techrock’s state-of-the-art anti-counterfeit solution gathers invaluable behavioral data while assuring product authenticity.

Having access to consumer behavior data is the holy grail of product marketing. All products in the Techrock supply chain are equipped with our anti-counterfeit labels which encourage scanning across the entirety of the supply chain thanks to our Tael loyalty token. Through this, we capture brand new metrics from which to deduce consumer product interest, consumer product interaction, ideal product placement, product design, consumption rates, and so much more.

Some of the information available to partners includes their product scan rates, consumption time from moment of purchase, comparative data metrics for competing products, and more.

Products protected with our anti-counterfeit solution includes Nestlé infant formula & Nature’s Care PRO supplements.

The Dashboard

We’re providing partners with a direct connection to their customers through their customized dashboard, allowing for total control of their products throughout their logistics journeys. The advanced tracking system that forms the bedrock of the dashboard follows the GS1 Global Traceability Standard, allowing for easy integration with legacy systems of major companies.

Trace View provides a comprehensive look at all shipments, in transit, in production, and more. (the above graphic utilizes dummy data for privacy)

Our efforts in providing a next-generation tracking solution have not gone unnoticed, having been recently awarded by China’s Consumer Body with the status of ‘Exemplary Company in Imported Product Traceability’. This makes Techrock the first company to achieve such a status in the People’s Republic of China.

With this Q2 milestone achieved, we will continue to provide valuable insights for all companies on our blockchain while keeping our community informed on the behind-the-scenes developments as they happen.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

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The digital token used in the Tael ecosystem for verifiably authentic products. Formerly WaBi.

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