WaBi becomes Tael | Walimai becomes Techrock

Meet the new us. (TL;DR at the bottom of this article)

WaBi, the digital token used in the Walimai retail channel, is now Tael.
Walimai, the safe-product retail channel, is now Techrock.

Vivid colors, clear iconography, and elegant communication of our values.

Through a collaboration with an award-winning, multi-discipline design studio and the collective perspective of hundreds of our users, we’ve constructed a comprehensive new identity appealing directly to our target demographics.

Through this contemporary and eye-catching new visual language, we’re positioning ourselves for mass adoption, increased points of sale, expansion of our product & brand portfolio, and opening the doors to collaborations with major entities seeking to create their own interchangeable loyalty points on our network. The first of these collaborations have already taken shape with relevant corporates. These partners have joined our ecosystem in the form of 3 EnterpriseNodes on the Techrock blockchain and will increase the ability to use Tael on even more products.


Walimai / Techrock

The name Techrock was born directly from our company’s ambitions. Dedicated to solving the problem of counterfeit goods, the characteristics of integrity and strength are at the heart of what we do. The Chinese name ChengShi (橙石) translates to Orange Stone and is a homophone of the Chinese word 诚实 (Honest), relating to our philosophy of authenticity. The character (Stone) is an object associated with reliability and quality. We have chosen the most understandable and memorable name among the options presented to our target demographic, we’re confident both Techrock and its Chinese counterpart ChengShi (橙石) will soon become household names. This name stood out from all other options tested with over 700 people in our target demographic. It scored top points on multiple levels, including comprehensibility, positive association, memorability, and more.


WaBi / Tael (ticker: WABI)

Tael, the loyalty token used as an incentive in the Techrock safe-product retail channel, owes its name to Chinese history. Over the course of two millennia, Tael (两, pronounced liǎng in Chinese) has been used as a unit of weight and a payment alternative for bartering. Its function as such resembles our own usage of Tael in the Techrock ecosystem and also highlights our unique position to attain a rate of adoption and usage not seen before in crypto. Purchases and natural actions, such as verifying the authenticity of the product, utilizing discount promotions in the Techrock eco-system, and using Tael for purchases at any store, seamlessly convert the consumer into an automatic Tael user. This is how Tael has the ability to, in time, become one of the most adopted crypto tokens. Rebranding is only a small step to get there, but a crucial one.

The rebranding of the token does not require any action on the part of WaBi / Tael holders. No swap is necessary.

What’s next?

We will be positioning ourselves as the number one decentralized loyalty point blockchain solution, easily recognizable and integrated while creating the leading marketplace for genuine and authentic products. Our brand is focused around trust and with help of the users will be more assured with every touch. Ultimately, we aim to integrate Tael as a method of payment in every store. Our rebranding paves the way for Tael to find true mainstream adoption in the Asian markets by appealing more effectively to our target audience and increasing the use-case of our token beyond the Techrock retail channel.

The successful creation of our safe-product retail channel supported by blockchain technology has attracted additional reputable companies and multinationals, requesting our help to facilitate their business in China. We will be adding these partners to the Techrock blockchain, allowing you to redeem Tael on many, many more products and presenting a new level of adoption of our token.


  • Walimai, the parent company of WaBi, has been rebranded to Techrock.
  • WaBi, the loyalty point used on the Techrock blockchain, is now known as Tael.
  • The ticker for Tael will remain WABI. No action is required from WABI holders. There will be no swap.
  • During the coming period, we will allow reputable companies to make use of the Techrock blockchain to create a much wider use case for the Tael loyalty point.
  • 3 EnterpriseNodes have already been set up by corporate partners.
  • The vision of Techrock is very clear and contains several stages. The stage we have now entered is the adoption of users, partners, and an exponential increase in sales.
  • Much progress has been made in parallel and has been waiting for the completion of the rebranding, which has now concluded.

In closing:

We look forward to taking you all with us to the future of Tael’s mainstream adoption through extended use-cases, a multitude of points of sale, and the cutting edge of blockchain technology. We believe we have all the pieces to get us to the next stage in a safe and secure manner. We thank you for your support and hope you feel more assured with every touch.