WaBi partners with rising star in high-tech healthcare industry HiNounou

Close collaboration includes cross-ecosystem interactivity of WaBi

Aug 28, 2018 · 4 min read

We can now reveal the start of our close strategic partnership and cross-ecosystem interactivity with HiNounou: a connected healthcare and intelligent data platform.

Read on to learn more about HiNounou and how the melding of the WaBi and HiNounou ecosystems will benefit both parties immensely.

Out of the gate running

HiNounou has become one of the most promising companies in the healthcare industry, following a combined 12 years of R&D in 4 countries. Over the last two years, they’ve been making waves that attracted some of the world’s leading industry names.

In 2017, HiNounou won the Most Innovative Wellness Mobile & Digital Startup in China award, organized by 4YFN at the World Mobile Congress Shanghai and Microsoft China Accelerator. Soon after, HiNounou won BAYER’s Best Digital Health Startup in China, and placed top 10 in the ‘Smart the Future’ Innovation Competition sponsored by Intel Innovation Accelerator.

In 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron named HiNounou founder Charles Bark one of the Top 3 French entrepreneurs in AI in China at the Forum of Innovation at the Soho Incubator in Beijing.

Their mission

HiNounou’s mission is to empower seniors worldwide to live longer and healthier at home through the use of high-tech robotics and healthcare applications. To achieve this, they have designed a comprehensive home wellness solution and ecosystem powered by AI & Healthcare Technology. Their solution encompasses daily health monitoring through advanced technology such as an application-enabled fingertip oximeter to gauge oxygen levels in the blood, a dedicated blood pressure monitor documenting your daily levels, and a smart weight scale. The Home Healthcare Kit also evaluates genetic causes of health risks through DNA testing. Their Home Wellness Kit identifies 10 of the most critical risks inherent to chronic diseases and informs the user to take necessary precautions.

HiNounou also provides the first affordable insurance service dedicated to seniors in China, through their partnership with AXA (the world’s second-largest financial services company) & Ping An Insurance Company of China (the world’s largest and most valuable insurer). This vital insurance includes a 24/7 hotline for teleconsultation with medical professionals from AXA, while PingAn provides accident and death insurance for seniors up to 100 years old, regardless of medical history and requiring no underwriting. This is China’s first dedicated insurance for seniors requiring no underwriting.

HiNounou doesn’t just safeguard the physical health of the elderly, it also strengthens the mental health through the NouNou Companion Robot for seniors. With 5 patents pending, the NouNou is a state-of-the-art piece of technology designed to connect seniors to their family, the wellness network, and society, while providing daily wellness information, advice, and entertainment.

The WaBi x HiNounou partnership

The WaBi & HiNounou partnership is a melding of ecosystems, allowing participants of either service to use their respective loyalty tokens on both platforms. It also allows for WaBi cross promotion on the HiNounou service, which targets one of WaBi’s key demographics.

WaBi is available on Binance, Ether Delta & KyberSwap

“Our WaBi partnership is another important step in creating an integrated ecosystem of products and services focused on seniors’ wellbeing at home to live longer, healthier and happier. We are very excited about being able to provide cross-ecosystem interactivity between WaBi and HiNounou.” — Charles Bark, HiNounou CEO

Powered by AI, IoT, Blockchain, and Genomics, HiNounou’s platform and ecosystem offers AXA and Ping An’s first dedicated ‘insurance as a service’ product for China’s seniors, regardless of their medical history. The WaBi token will be used to acquire products and services on the HiNounou platform customized to the needs of seniors, such as insurance, supplements, nutritional foods, wellness classes, and more.

As a wellbeing provider, WaBi will provide unique, dedicated products and services through the Walimai safe product retail channel, encouraging the use of WaBi further. We envision a bright future for both HiNounou and WaBi going forward and will strengthen one another to achieve our goals of safety and wellbeing.

“By enabling WaBi in the HiNounou ecosystem, we can provide our selection of verifiably authentic imported goods to one of our target consumer groups while ensuring their health through dedicated consumer products.” — Alexander Busarov, WaBi CEO

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