WaBi / Walimai Timeline 2018

Now that 2017 has come to a close, it’s time for WaBi and Walimai to look towards the future.

In the first weeks of 2018 we’ve already expanded our list of participating stores, launched an integrated app through WeChat, and had our first sale of Walimai protected products paid exclusively with organically mined Wajifen (WaBi loyalty points). Now we’re ready to give you all a glimpse of what you can expect from us in the foreseeable future.

Triple Threat
Walimai allows companies to penetrate the China market through our safe retail channel. However, we’ve been overwhelmed with requests from brands across all industries to help secure their products and supply chain logistics with our Walimai labels.

Bearing this in mind, we’d like to elucidate the distinct products we provide by giving each a distinct classification:

  • Walimai Pathway
    Pathway is any company’s yellow brick road into the Chinese consumer market. By the end of 2018, we aim to give Pathway participants access to over 1000 points of sale in 100 cities in China and be featured on Walimai digital touch shelves.
  • Walimai Guardian
    Guardian is a tailor-made solution for worldwide product security in the supply chain of companies and manufacturers, protecting consumer goods with Walimai’s proprietary RFID-based labeling technology. Our labels are the most secure and user-friendly anti-counterfeit technology on the market today, and versatile enough to span across multiple industries.
  • WaBiPay
    WaBiPay will give manufacturers and retailers immediate access to a turn-key blockchain-based loyalty system, allowing them to start rewarding their customers with WaBi. At the same time, they can attract more customers who are already accustomed to using WaBi for purchases.

Using the above designations will help us clearly state the company’s directions and developments in the future, while also offering individual companies and interested parties clearly outlined value.



Business Development
Expanding the Walimai company past its current state through strategic partnerships, pursuing opportunities, penetrating new markets, etc.
Brand Portfolio
Our portfolio of Walimai protected SKUs.
Sales Network
Our online and offline points of sale, including brick and mortar stores, digital touch shelves, franchises, WeChat sales, etc.

Development of the Walimai anti-counterfeit technology, our digital touch shelves, and alternative platforms.

Thought Leadership and PR
We aim to be an authority on developments in our field: product safety, digitization of physical assets, smart packaging, next gen retail, etc. This entails changes to our website, generated online content, and social media presence.


Q1 (Ends 31st of March)
  • Business Development
    - Initiate discussions with Fortune 500 companies in the food, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries [Negotiations already in-progress with 2 out of 3 industries as of 01/20/2018]
  • Brand Portfolio 
    - Grow our product portfolio to a minimum of 50 SKUs and expand across new product categories
  • Sales Network
    - Partner with industry-appropriate Chinese influencers with substantial online followings (circa 50.000 followers)
  • Technology
    - Design the digital touch shelves
  • Thought Leadership and PR
    - Redesign and update the websites Walimai.com and Wacoin.io
    - Launch official communication in alternative languages (Chinese)
Q2 (Ends 30th of June)
  • Brand Portfolio
    - Start sales of alcohol products protected by Walimai labels
  • Technology
    - Launch Walimai Masternodes
    - Launch mobile APPs v3
    - Finalize Walimai label v4 (new feature: proof of consumption)
  • Sales Network
    - Partner with at least 1 influencer with 1 million followers in China
    - Expand the baby store Walimai shelves to 3 additional provinces
  • Technology
    - Digital touch shelves are production-ready
Q3 (Ends 30th of September)
  • Business Development
    - Integrate WaBi into other loyalty/payment solutions
  • Brand Portfolio
    - Extend total portfolio of Walimai protected products to at least 200 SKUs (including baby products, cosmetics, and alcohol)
  • Technology
    - Produce the digital touch shelves
  • Sales Network
    - Launch the P2P (person-to-person) sales platform in several provinces
Q4 (Ends 31st of December)
  • Technology
    - Open up sales in some of the following regions (South East Asia, Latin America, Europe) 
    - Walimai labels for pharmaceutical products
  • Sales Network
    - Sales of Walimai products in at least 100 cities, 1000 stores

Please note that the roadmap may be subject to change and is based on the information available to us at the time of writing. All changes to the roadmap will be noted as edits at the bottom of this article and we’ll announce changes as they happen. As always, follow us on Twitter, Reddit, and join our Telegram channels to stay up-to-date on developments as they occur.

Thank you all for your continued support!