Weekly Update #11 — April 25th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every Wednesday

  • Walimai has signed a sourcing agreement with Australian body care company Clean & Pure. They will bolster our product portfolio with a variety of cosmetics and skin care products crafted from Australian ingredients. These products include organic lip balms, soaps, and skin moisturizers such as their new Manuka Skincare Balm for mothers. With China’s high demand for natural skin care, cosmetics, and other beauty products, we’re confident Clean & Pure will be a worthy addition to our product line. They will also be spending a significant percentage of their sales share on marketing through our loyalty system. We’ll be announcing the specifics of our many other brand negotiations as they are finalized.
  • With boots on the ground through our trusted contacts in Japan, Walimai will soon be expanding its product portfolio with a variety of high-demand products from Japan. We will be keeping the community up-to-date as we onboard new brands and companies in the coming months.
  • We’re going through the pipeline of candidates to fill our in-the-field sales team leader positions. Their purpose will be to expand our salesforce and offline points of sale network in designated test areas on China’s eastern seaboard.

The next Weekly Update will be published on the 2nd of May.

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